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Our Clients' Achievements

Our Clients' Achievements

Former client Trevor Adelman, who was rendered paraplegic in a car accident in 2004 at the age of 19, hasn’t let his spinal cord injury stop him from pursuing his dreams of success as a race car driver. Trevor is also an accomplished musician and part of a country rock band that has opened for well-known country music artists. Learn more about Trevor’s story below:



Former client Jason Efhan was rendered quadriplegic in a motor vehicle accident on Vancouver Island in 2006. Jason returned to his home on the island of Kauai, Hawaii and overcame numerous obstacles which compelled him to found the Live to Heal Others Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to assisting individuals with spinal cord injuries in purchasing the spinal cord injury physical therapy equipment they require to heal, and to assisting spinal cord injury victims in achieving greater mobility and independence, as well as an enhanced quality of life. To learn more about the Live to Heal Foundation and Jason’s story, please visit http://livetohealothers.com/index.html.


Former client Jugpreet Bajwa lost his sight to retinoblastoma cancer when he was six months old. Now, at the age of only seventeen, he has established himself as a versatile performer who sings classical and modern music in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English. To learn more about Jugpreet’s inspirational story, please visit http://www.juggyjag.com/index.php.


AshleyFormer client Ashley Swain was rendered an incomplete quadriplegic in a car accident in 2004 at the age of seventeen. Today Ashley leads a full and busy life working at Investors Group as a Client Service Administrator and, along with her partner, is starting a development business called Fine Cut Developments. Ashley and her partner have also recently adopted a one-year-old Brittany/English setter mix named Hannah whom Ashley reports thinks she is a lap dog.

David H. Doig & Associates Community Involvement - Working Together to Improve the Lives of Disabled People in Our Community.

As a member of numerous professional organizations (Trial Lawyers of BC, Trial Lawyers of America) as well as numerous community associations, David has always had a personal commitment to injury survivors and their families.

This commitment is seen in his work as Chair of Sunny Hill Hospital Foundation as well as serving on the Board of Directors of the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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