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Vancouver Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Over the past 25 years, at David H. Doig & Associates, we have represented many clients injured in bicycle and pedestrian accidents. At the outset, after any injury, stress and confusion are common. We can help. We strive to obtain the best rehabilitation possible, regardless of cost, while at the same time working to ensure full compensation.

We work diligently to investigate all of the circumstances of what happened and take immediate steps to preserve evidence. Claims arising from car-pedestrian and car-bicycle collisions call for experienced legal representation. Typical issues include:

  • Negligent drivers and their insurance companies often dispute fault for the accident. They frequently point to a pedestrian "dart out," reckless bicycling, the victim's dark clothing or other factors that made the accident unavoidable.

  • Seemingly minute details — such as whether a victim was physically in a crosswalk or how many steps into the street he or she had taken — may enter into the determination of fault.

Our early and extensive investigation into how the accident occurred, including the use of highly qualified, specialized professionals in accident reconstruction, allows us to get to the truth of what really occurred.

In terms of our clients' need for immediate rehabilitation, our approach is decidedly human. We target the absolute best medical treatment and rehabilitation as quickly as possible regardless of the cost.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle or pedestrian accident, give David Doig or Tyler Jones a call or email before you make any decisions on legal representation. It costs nothing to talk to us and at the very least, you will be informed.

David H. Doig & Associates Community Involvement - Working Together to Improve the Lives of Disabled People in Our Community.

As a member of numerous professional organizations (Trial Lawyers of BC, Trial Lawyers of America) as well as numerous community associations, David has always had a personal commitment to injury survivors and their families.

This commitment is seen in his work as Chair of Sunny Hill Hospital Foundation as well as serving on the Board of Directors of the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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