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It can be challenging for the survivor and their family to envision a manageable and productive future after an amputation. The challenges of returning to work, paying medical bills and providing for the future can be overwhelming.

A consultation with an experienced lawyer is the best way to preserve your legal rights. An early investigation is essential. Over time vital evidence necessary to prove your claim may disappear. At David Doig + Associates, our practice is focused on significant personal injury claims. We aggressively pursue your legal rights to full compensation while targeting the best rehabilitation possible.

We approach every injury claim with a clear view of the unique needs and goals of the accident survivor and their family. We target the fullest possible recovery taking into consideration:

  • The total physical, emotional and financial impact of the injury on our client, whether this includes the inability to work and a need for vocational retraining or a comprehensive educational plan for a child
  • The latest, ever-evolving prostheses and adaptive equipment available to make amputees' lives more manageable
  • All aspects of the legal claim, which includes taking whatever legal action is necessary to recover all available compensation

We work with the treating health care providers to help develop a rehab team unique to the amputation survivor and their family. We strive to obtain the best possible rehabilitation, regardless of cost.

If you or a loved one has suffered an amputation, give David or Tyler a call or email directly before you make any decisions on legal representation. It costs nothing to talk to us and at the very least, you will be informed.

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