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Burns + Electrocutions

Burns + Electrocutions

Burns can be devastating. They can arise from many sources including fire, explosion, electricity and chemical spills and can lead to permanent disfigurement and impairment. They may require specialized, extensive medical treatments such as skin grafts, medication, and other surgical interventions. Legal and rehabilitation issues in these cases are also extensive and complex. This is even more so when a child is burned.

We have handled complex burn claims arising out of automobiles, electrocutions as well as building fires. Our strengths include:

  • Significant experience with complex burns to children
  • Our extensive involvement with the medical and rehabilitation communities
  • A personal, responsive approach for each client

Obtaining lifetime compensation to address the needs of a burn victim requires an extensive amount of investigation immediately after the accident. It is crucially important to preserve the evidence necessary to prove the claim as the obligation to prove negligence or "responsibility" rests on the injured person. At the same time early legal intervention enhances the rehabilitation process by ensuring additional funds are available to help with additional rehabilitation.

In some cases, an early investigation reveals negligence and responsibility on the part of a utility, government or a private company. Specific legal limitation periods may be applicable that may limit the time available to bring a claim.

Any burn accident is serious. Before you make any major decisions, a no obligation consultation with an experienced lawyer is warranted. Contact David or Tyler directly for a confidential review of your rights and obligations.

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