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Dangerous + Defective Products

Dangerous + Defective Products

When a product proves dangerous, it sometimes receives widespread media attention. The mid-1970s Ford Pinto cars with the exploding gas tank come to mind. Numerous pharmaceutical drugs have been pulled from the market in recent years because of unacceptable health risks. Some recalls were made public, but many were not. Every day we use hundreds of different products. In exchange for manufacturers profiting from these products, the law has held them accountable to make safe products. Unfortunately, unsafe products continue to injure thousands of consumers every year.

If you or a family member have been injured by a defective or unsafe product, we may be able to assist you with obtaining compensation.

Product liability lawsuits are complex and challenging to pursue, in part, because manufacturers and their insurance companies have substantial resources to defend against such claims. Exposing dangerous products for what they are provides compensation to those injured and can prevent others from suffering serious injuries or fatalities.

Holding manufacturers that place profits above safety accountable to the injured is a part of our mission at David Doig + Associates. As in all our personal injury claims, we focus on recovering full compensation, while at the same time ensuring that our clients receive the best rehabilitation possible regardless of the cost.

To learn whether you may have a claim against a manufacturer or other entity after a significant injury or wrongful death in your family, contact David Doig or Tyler Jones directly today for a free initial consultation.

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