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Drownings + Oxygen Deprivation

Drownings + Oxygen Deprivation

At David Doig + Associates, our firm's extensive experience with complex injury claims makes us an invaluable resource if your family has been struck by a tragic swimming pool accident. We have acted for a number of children who have suffered brain damage due to oxygen deprivation in near-drowning situations.

A child's survival of a near-drowning may rightly be seen as a miraculous event, but that child and his or her family may face a challenging reality in the months and years to come. That reality may include:

  • Irreversible brain damage due to oxygen deprivation — the full impact of which may be difficult to gauge until the child ages and exhibits developmental delays and other limitations
  • Impairments that are more wide-ranging than many other types of injuries and accident outcomes, as oxygen deprivation can impact virtually all aspects of brain function

Our focus is on finding all sources of compensation available to give a brain-injured child the fullest life possible. Early medical and rehabilitation intervention yields the best chance for a full recovery. But this does not come without first securing all of the available financial resources. We are adept at analyzing all avenues of possible compensation while keeping an emphasis on rehabilitation and other services that will better the survivor's and their family's quality of life.

A child that survives a near-drowning may ultimately face life with deficits, including inability to walk or talk properly. These deficits can be lifelong touching upon all aspects of a child’s development. Somewhat more subtle difficulties may become evident through school performance.

In most cases, parents feel a sense of guilt or reservations about holding a caregiver, friend or someone else legally liable for the lack of supervision or other factors that contributed the accident. This is normal. We understand this and can help. Give David or Tyler a call for a no obligation confidential discussion.

Put the strength of our experience on your side. We encourage you to contact David or Tyler directly for a free initial consultation.

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