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Multiple Injuries

Multiple Injuries

Most catastrophic accidents result in multiple injuries. Frequently an obvious brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation or fracture may be the focus of immediate treatment, while other injuries like an undiagnosed brain or psychological injury may slip through the cracks without proper care only to surface later.

You have one chance to take decisive action to obtain the best medical care, rehabilitation and financial compensation to protect you and your family's future.

Our legal team's highly individualized and thorough approach to each client's unique situation is essential to obtain the best results. Aspects of this approach include:

  • Close involvement with the survivor and the family in order to receive the best rehabilitation and documentation for litigation purposes
  • Ready access to qualified experts in accident reconstruction to pinpoint multiple causes of the various injuries which frequently results in additional sources of funding for rehabilitation and long term compensation
  • Extensive knowledge of long-term needs that justify lifetime compensation, based on our in depth involvement with the rehabilitation community and continuing relationships with the accident survivors and families we have helped in the past

We excel in helping clients and their families through challenges of the legal and medical systems associated with extensive and complex injuries.

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