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Restoring Your Life

Restoring Your Life

During a catastrophic injury, the first few days are usually filled with fear, anxiety, and stress. Over time, with continuing improvement, these feelings give way to overwhelming concern for what the future holds. Will the injury survivor be able to care for themselves? Will they be able to care for their family? How will they manage in the future? Who will look after the rehabilitative care that will be required in the future? These basic concerns arise with every significant injury.

While these issues will undoubtedly be new to the injury survivor and their family, they are something that our legal team of David Doig and Tyler Jones are used to dealing with. We can help you through these stressful times.

We listen to your concerns and those of your family. We bring order to chaos and calm to fear and anxiety. We have been through all of these emotions and issues many times before with other clients.

We will help the survivor and their family understand the issues facing them. We will assist the injury survivor and their family in obtaining the very best rehabilitation possible, regardless of where they reside or what it costs. At the same time, we will vigorously and aggressively work to ensure that every survivor and their family receive full lifetime compensation. We are here to help you and your family move forward in the journey to restoring your life.

As we are advancing your legal claim, we will work to ensure that you have the best rehabilitation team and resources available. We will ensure that every aspect of your rehabilitation and legal claim is accurately and fully documented to ensure that you receive the fullest compensation possible. Whether it is by a settlement or trial, which is completely within the control of the injured person and their family, it is our job at David Doig + Associates to ensure that your family is "looked after" for life.

We help the injury survivor and their family establish the best life care plan possible, from both a medical / rehabilitation perspective and from a financial point of view. We provide support and guidance on rehabilitation issues and from a life care/financial plan perspective that will see you and your family through for the remainder of your life. Over the years, many of our clients have tended to become our lifetime friends!

Our focus is on what is in the injury survivor and their family's overall best interest. In so doing, we focus on:

  • Interacting on a close personal level with injury survivors and their families from initial consultation forward in order to help restore order and calm while developing an appropriate, effective legal strategy
  • Carefully and thoroughly assessing our clients' immediate, ongoing and often lifelong challenges created by the injuries. To accomplish this, we work closely with highly qualified medical and rehabilitation professionals associated with your claim
  • Staying involved with and responding to our client's needs through every phase of their injury, recovery and ultimately their long-term life care plan

Each person and each injury are unique. Whether you reside in British Columbia, or you simply happen to be here as a visitor when you experience your injury, it makes no difference in the services that we provide. Over the years, we have coordinated rehabilitation and handled the claims for residents from around the world. We have travelled the world to help fund and assist in rehabilitation in our client's home communities regardless of where they reside.

Our job is not done until we have given you back the control of your life that you lost when you sustained the catastrophic injury.

To take the first step forward towards restoring your life after a life changing accident and injury, we encourage you to give us a call directly to discuss your legal rights. It costs nothing to discuss your claim. Before you make any decisions with respect to legal representation, give David Doig or Tyler Jones a call directly.

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