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Who We Are

First Class Legal Representation in Complex Personal Injury Claims

In British Columbia, when a catastrophic injury strikes, the medical community can be counted on to rise to the occasion. Your medical needs are usually looked after automatically.

But not so when it comes to your legal rights! Without the assistance of a skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer, you and your family's "financial health" are at risk. Protecting your family's financial well¬being is paramount at David Doig + Associates. For the past quarter century, we have given thousands of families the financial security to have a better life.

We are known for our early and extensive involvement in aggressively pursuing your right to full compensation. Coupled with our well¬known and respected work in securing the best rehabilitation possible for our clients, David Doig and Tyler Jones have helped thousands of families regain their health and financial independence.

We bring calm and order to chaos.

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