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Client Testimonials

At David Doig + Associates, how our clients feel about us is perhaps the ultimate measure of our success. With this in mind, we share these "client testimonials" in the form of excerpts from thankĀ¬ you letters addressed to us in recent years:

From the outset you were caring, reassuring and highly professional. You gave us confidence to face the future as well as a degree of optimism based on your experience. ...We can appreciate how much time, dedication and perseverance that you and your team put into our case."

Your help and concern was what helped us get through Michelle's recovery due to her accident causing her brain injury... You were there for us 150%! You told me things to give me hope based on your experience and you were so right. You spoke to Michelle's brother and sister and answered all their questions and my inquiring calls, be it days, weekends or evenings...You settled [our] accident case with ICBC in record time and dealt with ICBC when I couldn't. After settlement your costs were lower than anyone else we could have retained, and you still kept in touch with us, just asking how we were doing. ... Although we have settled our claim, we will always consider you our friend (not just a lawyer).

What appealed to me immediately was the compassion [David] showed both my daughter and my family. ... There are many lawyers who are only interested in the actual settlement and not interested in ensuring their clients receive all benefits they are entitled to under Part 7. David ensured my daughter received everything she was entitled to, which made all of our lives a whole lot easier."

The moment we met, I knew this man was kind, compassionate and trustworthy. We had a very complex legal battle ahead of us but David was always keeping me informed of the progress. ... He gave us his all... [working] day and night for years to do the best he possibly could for us and I will be forever grateful."

This matter was one that was moderately complex to prosecute, both in terms of liability, and causation and quantum. The case was well and vigorously defended, as all medical malpractice matters are... In our opinion, the successful outcome in this case is in no small part due to a strategic decision made early on by plaintiff's counsel. Counsel did not put the defendants on notice of the potential claim until he had consulted with some of the leading experts in the area. These were experts the defence almost certainly would have retained. Later, counsel was able to get those leading experts to provide opinions which were key to the successful outcome... Plaintiff's counsel is a very experienced personal injury litigator and he, along with other lawyers in his firm, worked for seven years on this matter... In our opinion, the successful result on this file was a direct result of the skill and strategy employed by counsel." (Comments of the Deputy Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia, March 14, 2003)

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